Departments and Ministries

The Departments and Ministries in the Church include:

  • Outreach Dept:- This department reaches out to people on the streets and in the local community with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

  • New Converts & Follow Up Dept:- Counsellors who counsel our new converts and also follow up on visitors to our Church from time to time.

  • Marriage Counselling Dept:- Our Marriage Counsellors give pre- and post-marriage counselling and work at resolving all marriage related challenges that church members may face.

  • Welfare Dept:- Responsible for rallying contributions and support for the general well-being of members, with the view to bear one another’s burden by showing love and compassion both spiritually and emotionally.

  • Prayer Team:- This group of intercessor “stand in the gap” to intercede/pray for the members of the Church, the assembly, the nation and other various needs.

  • Philharmonic Choir:- A standing choir which ministers in Songs, Praise & Worship at Church. They also accept invitations to minister at various programmes.

  • Protocol & Ushers Dept:- Responsible for preparing and maintaining order and arrangements of the temple in readiness for service. And also attend to the needs of Ministers during service.

  • Media & Communication Dept:- Ensures excellence in showcasing the Church to the outside world via social media, handling all aspects of publicity and communication in the Church.

  • Men's Ministry (Men of Vision):- Reaches out to the men in the Church to encourage good, decent, and responsible men, husbands and fathers of integrity. And also act as positive role models to the youth.

  • Women’s Ministry (Charisma Ladies):- A Ministry charged with the duty of reaching out to women in the Church to foster and encourage sisterhood, raise virtuous and responsible women. Promote spiritual growth, recreational activities, mutual support amongst the women and act as role models to the younger ladies.

  • Youth for Jesus (Y4J):- A vibrant Youth Ministry reaching out to the younger generation/young adults in the Church with the word of God and practical tools to successfully fulfil their destiny and purpose.

  • Omega Generation (Children’s Ministry):- Our Foundation Ministry for the children in the Church. Responsible for Sunday school service, teaching the children to know the Lord and grow in the word of God.

  • Social Events Dept:- This department oversees all social events of the church like Friends & Family programs, beach trips, day outs, excursions, end of year church parties etc. We believe the social aspect of the church is equally important.

  • Let’s All Come Together (LACT): LACT is a community project developed by CEM London, which started about 4 years ago. The main aim is to promote community cohesion and oneness. We bring people from different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds together under one roof, to chill out, have fun, and to make new friends in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. It is also a time of joy, socialisation and family reunion. It has served children, the aged, single mothers, drug addicts, the homeless, the disabled and many more. This happens once in a year and it's open to all.
    Participants are served with hot food and We also entertain them with music, dance, games, competitions, talks and a lot more - all for free. Previous sponsors and partners include the Newham Council, INUF, Alternatives, Teen Challenge, East London Shakespeare Company, The Anchor, WHEAT Mentor Support Trust, Caramel Rock Academy, ProntaPrint Stratford, Morrisons, Nando’s, Pizza Express, Sainsbury's Local, Tesco Express, Costa Coffee and Epsilon Hotel.


"Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching." - Hebrews 10:25

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